Thursday, July 17, 2008

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Life has been hectic in SmartyLand the last couple of weeks. We lost our cat of 18 years last week as well as a moderately close family member. My poor cat was definitely showing her age but her rapid decline in the course of just a couple of weeks took us by surprise. We are very saddened to have lost her but we know she is in a better place - hopefully lounging in the sun. To add insult to injury, the SmartyComputer crashed last week and I was unable to get to my calendar and email for a while.

The Puppy Kindergarten Group Class kicked off on Tuesday with just the humans. It looks to be a good group (of course, I think they are all good groups!). Coincidentally, all the pups are of small to medium sized breeds. I can't wait to start with the pups this Tuesday. The class is totally filled - yay!

The Saturday morning Basic Obedience Group class (also filled - yay!) had the first class with the dogs. It was hot and uncomfortable in the sun so everyone was gathered in the shade. We covered "Focus", "Sit" and "Sit in Heel Position". The dogs were, of course, distracted by each other but the class went very well for a first class. We tried to let the 2 larger dogs, a Lab mix, Willy, and a Pitbull mix, Liger, have some free playtime but Liger, although very friendly, was a little too rambunctious and rough for Willy. Interestingly enough, when the Pugle, Chuleta, approached Liger, he was a total mush. He went down and showed his belly right to her. It was so cute and funny. Our Cairn, Daisy, was not pleased with the clickers and so we had to put some distance between her and the rest of the class. Our Italian Greyhound, Mia, and the Australian Shepherd, Sasha, were both very nervous in class but I am confident that they will adjust.

The Wednesday evening Basic Obedience Group class had their last lesson yesterday. The lesson was "Leave It" and the group was, at first, skeptical that their dogs would learn the behavior. Of course they did and fabulously so everyone was happy and duly impressed. I absolutely love teaching "Leave It". Next week is the last meeting of the class where everyone gets to "strut their stuff". I sure hope they've been working their dogs on the behaviors!

We have a Sunday afternoon (4:30pm) Basic Obedience Group Class that is scheduled to begin on August 3rd. I have not had time to properly advertise the class or otherwise get the word out. I may delay the class start date by a week or two.

Well, that's all the news in SmartyLand. Be sure to check the website at for tips, photos, class schedules and other information.

"I dream of a world where every home has a happy dog and every dog has a happy home."

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