Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dog Training in Nassau County, NY - Basic Obedience Group Classes

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Wednesday evening's group class went well, despite missing one student. Yesterday's lessons were "DOWN" and an introduction to "STAY". Axl, the Chesapeake Retriever was somewhat reluctant to go into the "DOWN" position but, of course, I got him there with the aid of a food lure. It still took some time but I was patient and persistent and soon he got the idea. It was a beautiful thing to see. Sasha, our tiny Yorkie, was a little nervous in class yesterday so we really couldn't get her to do much of anything. I thoroughly explained the exercise to her parents and told them to work on it at home. Amber, the Wheaten Terrier, was a perfect "fitness" model doing her doggie pushups. Amber and Axl had a good romp after class. Axl is still quite the jumper so I spent some time explaining to his dad how to curtail the behavior and I even gave him my written tips, usually reserved for my private clients. I'm truly hoping that he and his family work with Axl to discourage the jumping behavior. He's still a puppy, only about 5 months, and he's more than 60 lbs! As an adult, his jumping will not only be annoying, it could be hazardous to one's well being! Speaking of which, I took quite the graceless fall in class yesterday. Oh the embarrassment of being taken down by a mere 30lb Wheaten. Amber was headed full charge around the yard and careened right into the back of my leg, just below the knee. Well, I went down in a flash, after doing some twisting & contorting to avoid landing on Amber. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not exactly a lightweight and landing on a 30lb pup would not bode well for the dog. Well, I successfully avoided landing on Amber and hit the ground like a ton of bricks. Fortunately, it was on the grass and not the concrete. Despite the soft surface, I'm sporting 2 new black & blue bruises today.

On another note, I received a call this week from the director of the Locust Valley Adult Education Program - how very exciting! They were looking for a trainer to conduct a 4-lesson dog obedience course at the high school. Well, of course, I said, "Look no more!" I am very happy to be doing that in October. Much thanks to Dr. Brickman who knows my work and referred them to me.

Anyone who is a patient at New Hyde Park Animal Hospital may know Dr. Brickman by her maiden name, Dr. Hurowitz. She moved on from the NHPAH practice to the Locust Valley Veterinary Clinic and I wish her much success and happiness.

Well, that's all the news in SmartyLand! Of course, don't forget to check our website at for information on courses, tips and fun photos. Stay well and have a Happy Fourth!

I dream of a world where every home has a happy dog and every dog has a happy home.

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