Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dog & Puppy Obedience Training Group Classes – Last 2 Classes for 2008!

Smarty Paws Dog Training Nassau County, NY…

Welcome back to the SmartyBlog! Smarty Paws announces the last 2 classes for the 2008 season will begin VERY soon. There’s still time to register! We have a Puppy Kindergarten class beginning 9/2 and a Basic Obedience class beginning 9/14. The class schedules are as follows:

Puppy Kindergarten, 6 classes for puppies up to 6 months:
1) Tuesday, 9/02/08 @ 7pm
2) Tuesday, 9/09/08 @ 7pm
3) Tuesday, 9/16/08 @ 7pm
4) Tuesday, 9/30/08 @ 7pm
5) Thursday, 10/02/08 @ 7pm
6) Thursday, 10/23/08 @ 7pm

Basic Obedience, 8 classes for all ages, Sundays at 3pm:
1) 9/14/08
2) 9/28/08
3) 10/5/08
4) 10/12/08
5) 10/19/08
6) 10/26/08
7) 11/9/08
8) 11/16/08

As for existing classes – the Basic Obedience class is on hiatus until the 6th of September. I hope they are practicing with their dogs! The students in the Puppy Kindergarten Group Class graduated this week! Not all the students chose to show off and “strut their stuff” for the group but some did AND did so very well. Afterward the class had a good long romp. It was such wonderful weather on Tuesday evening that everyone was happy to be outside relaxing or playing. They all chased each other happily around the yard, wrestling and nipping at each other’s heels. Oh, and the puppies had fun too ;)

Based on the responses to my Satisfaction Survey, all the students were very happy with the class from all aspects – information, presentation, length, cost, etc… Whew! I’m always thrilled to hear that my students are happy with my training programs.

Well, that’s all the news in SmartyLand! Don’t forget to check us out at for class schedules, photos, tips and more.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dog & Puppy Obedience Training in Nassau County

Smarty Paws Dog Training New Hyde Park, NY…

Welcome back to the SmartyBlog. The Smarty Paws’ students have been busy graduating!

Congratulations to our two recent graduates!...

Chloe, the Berner, graduated about a week ago. She completed her 6-week basic obedience training with flying colors and so young, too – just over 4 months old. No dog over 6-7 weeks is too young to start with positive dog training. Chloe did so well with her training that we actually went above and beyond the basics. Chloe and her family must now take some time to work on generalizing and improving her behaviors before moving on to “beyond basics”.

Just two days after Chloe, Samson, the Golden Retriever, also graduated his basic obedience course with flying colors! Samson is just about 8 months and growing fast. In addition to basics, his mom wanted him to learn to give his paw. No problem! Samson was an eager student, learning “Paw” in a matter of minutes. Samson and his mom and dad must also work on generalizing and improving his behaviors.

The Tuesday evening Puppy Kindergarten class performed very well last week with “Down” and Intro to “Stay”. Some of the owner’s were very skeptical about my ability to get their pups down. Ha ha! Non-believers no more! Of course the pups all went down. I’m hoping everyone practiced during the week. Tonight’s class will be busy with “Stay”, “Leave-It” and Intro to “Recall”.

The Saturday morning class went very well with practicing “Loose Leash Walking” (LLW). Some of the students are little challenged with LLW but if their owners follow my advice and consistently use the techniques I gave them, they should show improvement by our next class on 9/6.

Well, that’s all the news in SmartyLand! Don’t forget to check us out at for class schedules, photos, tips and more.

"I dream of a world where every home has a happy dog and every dog has a happy home."
Happy Tails!
Helen Del Bove, ABCDT
Dog Lover & Trainer
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nassau County, NY Dog Basic Obedience Group Classes

New Hyde Park, NY... Smarty Paws Dog Training's Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience group classes are going well!

I've been SO busy lately and haven't had time for much of anything besides work. On a personal note, I earned my NAUI certification as a SCUBA diver this weekend - YAY! I took a 3-day crash course 2 weekends ago then went out for my 5 open water dives this past weekend. That is partly why I haven't had any spare time recently. But, now, Caribbean, Here I come!! Well, not now, but soon, I hope.

I'm always blogging in haste and usually don't have time to think about making my blogs more interesting. Today is no exception, so please forgive me if I bore. I must try to work on that next time.

Anyway, back to classes. Both my Basic Obedience (BO) and Puppy Kindergarten (PK) classes are really great groups. Everyone is very into the classes and learning - I just love that! In my BO class, our little rescue Cairn Terrier, Daisy, is gaining confidence, she allowed me to approach her and give her treats at the last class so that was quite an improvement. She's still highly resistant to "SIT" so I spent a little time with her and her owners after class to show them yet another method. My fingers are crossed that she will arrive next week and be sitting on command. She's very sweet but spent most of her life in a puppy mill so she has almost no "social skills", is very nervous and shuts down easily. I am handling her very carefully. Chuleta, the Pugle, is doing so well with SIT, DOWN and now she's picking up on STAY too! Sasha, the Australian Shepherd, is becoming more comfortable in class and with me. She wouldn't let me near her at the first class and we are slowly making progress. I actually was able to work with her for a few minutes on Saturday before she spooked again. Unfortunately, Mia, Liger and Willy were absent for various reasons. I truly hope we see them this weekend.

The PK group is equally enthusiastic and learning very well. Jack, the Cairn-Poo is so quick and eager for his treats. I used him several times to demonstrate and he was a model student. His mom recently emailed me that he is a little over-eager for his rewards and jumping up from his "SIT" to get them so we may need to do some work on that at the next class. Poor Madison, the Yorkie, had a leg injury and could not participate in practicing walking or free time, but mom still had her at class to learn what she could - good for them! Buffy, the Shiba Inu, and Daisy, the American Eskimo Dog, had a ball playing during free time. Of course, Jack was right in the thick of it too. We have a new student in the class, Charlie, an adorable Chocolate Lab. He's quite young and I'm glad his mom is starting his training early. Chloe, the Berner, also came to PK class again. She's getting more social with the other dogs and more interested in playing with them. Chloe is one of my private clients who also comes to group classes for socialization. She's also very young - her family started her training very early. A wise choice for a dog that will eventually be over 100 pounds. Actually, starting early is always a wise choice and, with Positive Training, there is no such thing as too early after 7 weeks of age.

Well, that's all the group class news for now! Don't forget to check the website - for photos, tips and other information.

"I dream of a world where every home has a happy dog and every dog has a happy home"