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Dog & Puppy Obedience Training Group Classes – Last 2 Classes for 2008!

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Welcome back to the SmartyBlog! Smarty Paws announces the last 2 classes for the 2008 season will begin VERY soon. There’s still time to register! We have a Puppy Kindergarten class beginning 9/2 and a Basic Obedience class beginning 9/14. The class schedules are as follows:

Puppy Kindergarten, 6 classes for puppies up to 6 months:
1) Tuesday, 9/02/08 @ 7pm
2) Tuesday, 9/09/08 @ 7pm
3) Tuesday, 9/16/08 @ 7pm
4) Tuesday, 9/30/08 @ 7pm
5) Thursday, 10/02/08 @ 7pm
6) Thursday, 10/23/08 @ 7pm

Basic Obedience, 8 classes for all ages, Sundays at 3pm:
1) 9/14/08
2) 9/28/08
3) 10/5/08
4) 10/12/08
5) 10/19/08
6) 10/26/08
7) 11/9/08
8) 11/16/08

As for existing classes – the Basic Obedience class is on hiatus until the 6th of September. I hope they are practicing with their dogs! The students in the Puppy Kindergarten Group Class graduated this week! Not all the students chose to show off and “strut their stuff” for the group but some did AND did so very well. Afterward the class had a good long romp. It was such wonderful weather on Tuesday evening that everyone was happy to be outside relaxing or playing. They all chased each other happily around the yard, wrestling and nipping at each other’s heels. Oh, and the puppies had fun too ;)

Based on the responses to my Satisfaction Survey, all the students were very happy with the class from all aspects – information, presentation, length, cost, etc… Whew! I’m always thrilled to hear that my students are happy with my training programs.

Well, that’s all the news in SmartyLand! Don’t forget to check us out at for class schedules, photos, tips and more.

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