Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dog & Puppy Obedience Training in Nassau County

Smarty Paws Dog Training New Hyde Park, NY…

Welcome back to the SmartyBlog. The Smarty Paws’ students have been busy graduating!

Congratulations to our two recent graduates!...

Chloe, the Berner, graduated about a week ago. She completed her 6-week basic obedience training with flying colors and so young, too – just over 4 months old. No dog over 6-7 weeks is too young to start with positive dog training. Chloe did so well with her training that we actually went above and beyond the basics. Chloe and her family must now take some time to work on generalizing and improving her behaviors before moving on to “beyond basics”.

Just two days after Chloe, Samson, the Golden Retriever, also graduated his basic obedience course with flying colors! Samson is just about 8 months and growing fast. In addition to basics, his mom wanted him to learn to give his paw. No problem! Samson was an eager student, learning “Paw” in a matter of minutes. Samson and his mom and dad must also work on generalizing and improving his behaviors.

The Tuesday evening Puppy Kindergarten class performed very well last week with “Down” and Intro to “Stay”. Some of the owner’s were very skeptical about my ability to get their pups down. Ha ha! Non-believers no more! Of course the pups all went down. I’m hoping everyone practiced during the week. Tonight’s class will be busy with “Stay”, “Leave-It” and Intro to “Recall”.

The Saturday morning class went very well with practicing “Loose Leash Walking” (LLW). Some of the students are little challenged with LLW but if their owners follow my advice and consistently use the techniques I gave them, they should show improvement by our next class on 9/6.

Well, that’s all the news in SmartyLand! Don’t forget to check us out at http://www.smartypawsny.com/ for class schedules, photos, tips and more.

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