Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dog Obedience Group Classes & Private Lessons

Summer came in this weekend like an angry dragon. We have been experiencing record-high temperatures and the heat wave continues thru today. Looking forward to some relief tomorrow.

Saturday morning's Basic Obedience Group Class took place before the heat became too oppressive. The group learned "Leave It" and really enjoyed the lesson. I just love the "oohs" and "aahs" and general looks of awe when I take a dog that has never even been introduced to the concept of "Leave It" and have him "Leaving It" within minutes. In case they thought it was a fluke, I did it again with another dog. I love that lesson. I think it best demonstrates "Operant Conditioning" to the average person. Every instinct in the dog is screaming to take the treat (that's the hind brain in action) but the dog reasons it out (that's the fore brain in action) and the dog "leaves it" in favor of an earned reward. I probably should start with that lesson instead of closing with it.

I cancelled Sunday's Group Class due to the excessive heat. It's too much for the pooches and the humans don't like it either. Unfortunately, now my Sunday group classes will run an extra weekend - right into the one week I had planned on taking off! Oh well!

My last lesson with Daisy, the Berner, was due to take place last night but that was also cancelled due to heat. It was just too hot for Daisy to be out practicing her Loose Leash Walking.

Today I'll be seeing Honey, the Mini Dach, and Maxie, the Standard Poodle for private lessons. We'll be conducting those lessons indoors for sure!

Mr Berner contacted me and we set up a date to meet next week. He picked up his Berner pup this past weekend. Right now he's faced with the challenge of acclimating his two Maltese to the puppy. I emailed him some tips on how to deal with it and hope he's having success. I'll check in with him in a couple of days.

Well, that's all the news in SmartyLand. Check the website http://www.smartypawsny.com/ for new photos of the Saturday Group Class and other information and tips.


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