Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Smarty Paws Dog Training Group Classes

I've been so busy with private clients and group classes that I've neglected my blogging. Shame on me! So, here's the latest and greatest in Smarty Land...

About New Group Classes:
The Tuesday 7pm Puppy Nursery class has been cancelled. I've completely removed it from the schedule because there is, sadly, no interest in a class for pups under 4 months. This is such a disappointment to me because proper early socialization is so very important for your dog to live up to his full potential as a good pet. Vets are all recommending that no one take their puppy out until after they've had all their shots and, of course, no one dares to do otherwise. I used to be one of those people too but now I know better.

The Thursday 7pm Puppy Kindergarten starting May 29th was rescheduled to start June 26th. We have 2 students registered and still need at least 2 more to keep the class.

Wednesday's 7pm Basic Obedience started on May 28th and tomorrow, June 4th will be our first class with the dogs. We have 5 students and can still take 2-3 more, if you are interested. I'm looking forward to meeting the new bunch tomorrow.

You can check the website for the complete schedule of upcoming classes and course outlines - http://www.smartypawsny.com/

About Current Group Classes:
The Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon Basic Obedience Group Classes currently under way will be wrapping up in 2 weeks. We'll take one weekend off and then start up again the 28th and 29th of June. If you are interested in taking one of those classes, you can print the registration form from the website http://www.smartypawsny.com/ and mail it in with a deposit check.

I've posted some Group Class photos on the website for all to see. Just go to http://www.smartypawsny.com/ and enjoy!


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