Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Smarty Paws Dog Training Private Clients in Group Classes

Oh how I love the summer! I am getting lots of calls and emails from new or soon-to-be puppy owners. I just love when people start the pups when they are young. Getting your pup started off on the right "paw" with Positive Training is the best way to build your bond and avoid future problems, not to mention making your life easier.

I received an email from an interested soon-to-be Berner owner. If you read my blog, you know I love the Berners and am seriously considering bringing one into my little pack. Mr. Berner, as I like to call him, wanted references and is really doing his homework checking up on me. Good for him! Don't be afraid to ask for and contact references. Thats the way to do it if you don't know the trainer personally or have a referral from someone you trust. I haven't heard back from Mr. Berner yet but hope to soon.

Daisy, my current Berner, is doing so well with her training. She came to group class on Sunday afternoon and was such an angel. She had fun chasing Mogli, our energetic hound pup, and Brady, my shepherd/lab mix who was also at group class for the first time. I hope to see Daisy in more group classes.

Brady's mom has been understandably nervous about introducing Brady to other dogs. Brady is a bit reactive/aggressive with people due to lack of proper early socialization. Brady's mom adopted him at about 9 months of age from a shelter. I applaud Brady's mom for adopting a shelter dog and her commitment to Brady, despite his issues. We've been working together and he's really improved dramatically. In group class he was happily excited and unfocused but he was completely non-reactive and he had a ball playing with Mogli.

Mogli, the hound puppy, was all excited and just wanted to play. He really loves playing with the larger dogs and completely wore himself out running around with them.

Sasha, our favorite "muttigree" and Mogli's "sister" was somewhat stressed in group class. There were 3 more dogs in the class than is usual and she wanted to meet & greet. Unfortunately, Sasha's mom needs to keep Sasha on a tight leash because she's not always thrilled with male dogs. In this particular class, she was fixated on Brady - I think she wanted to eat him (joking, of course). Shasha's mom had the opportunity to practice working with Sasha under extremely distracting conditions and did a very good job of it.

Brutus, our Rotty Mix, was all excited with the newcomers to class but actually did very well in keeping relatively calm. We let him loose for play during free time, but he just went right over to the 2 children who were visiting with their mom and plopped himself on their feet. He's such a love-bug.

Molly, our little CockerPoo, is usually in the Saturday morning small dogs class but couldn't make it so she came to Sunday's class for a makeup. Well, she was very nervous around the big dogs and just hung around mom. But she enjoyed the attention from the children.

I had a few single-session clients recently...

Two new puppy owners concerned with puppy nipping and potty training. I talked to them about it and gave them my tips. I wish them success and hope they consider formal training.

One mom-to-be contacted me because her Tibetan Terrier barked incessantly at her infant nephew when he was visiting. She did not expect that reaction from her dog and was understandably concerned. So, I went for a behavior modification session on Sunday. Of course, the dog was wonderful with me. I left them with my tips for introducing a new baby into a dog home and instructions to practice what we had done that afternoon. I hope to hear positive feedback from them soon.

Well, that's all the news in Smarty Land! Check our website for information, tips, photos and class schedules - http://www.smartypawsny.com


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