Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dog Obedience Group Classes at Smarty Paws in Long Island

New Hyde Park, NY... This weekend's group classes at Smarty Paws Dog Training went off without a hitch. All the students (both 2 and 4 legged) are doing really well and improving nicely. In Saturday's class Gizmo continues to be a bit of a tough customer in that he's difficult to motivate. We are still trying to find that one thing that will really get him going. He's such a little cutie we are convinced that he plans to just get by on his looks. Juliette is still commanding her personal space and becomes a little grouchy when the other dogs get too close for her taste. Most of the other dogs don't seem to care all that much - they seem to know her bark is worse than her bite. Molly led the chase during free time and loved every minute of it. Phoebe and Sophie preferred to sit it out with mom on the bench but I said, "No Way!" and sat there instead. Of course, the 3 monsters were right in the thick of things, as usual.

In Sunday's class, Brutus entered sporting a new head collar and seemed pretty comfortable with it. The head collar will help Brutus' mom control her leaping love-bug until proper taining can take hold. Sasha's behavior around male dogs is improving but still needs work. We tried to let her and Brutus off leash for some playtime but had to end it before things turned nasty. Still, she managed a couple of minutes this time. Mogli is adorable and, unfortunately, very much into leaping. Her owners will really need to do their homework on that if they want to see any improvement. Mogli's playmate, Amber, was absent for the 3rd time so, again, she had no one to play with. She tried to play with Brutus but, being a rambunctious puppy, it was more than Brutus could handle. On a positive note, Mogli's training is coming along very nicely.

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