Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Honey's Basic Obedience Training Going Nicely

Yesterday was Honey's second lesson in basic obedience. I showed up and she was on the front porch, excited and waiting. She barked at me a little when I approached but then immediately did a submissive pee. No more big hellos for Honey!

She was readily sitting on command so I know her mom worked with her. We moved on to sitting in the "Heel" position and "Down". She had some trouble with "Down", at first but, of course, I am used to this and soon she had the idea and was going "Down" reliably so I could begin to name it. Her mom did the exercises very well so I left, confident that next week she will be "Heeling" and going "Down" with no problem.

She's just too cute! Right now she's coming when her name is called with no problem at all - in fact she can't get to you fast enough. Working on "Recall" should be a breeze! Of course, I forgot to take her picture yet again. I swear my memory is completely shot! All-in-all my two latest students for basic obedience are bright, eager and sweet tempered. It doesn't get any better than that for a trainer. I just LOVE when owners start them young!

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