Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Morning Group Class @ Smarty Paws Dog Training

All went well at the second meeting of group class on Saturday @ 10:30am. We had two absences in class and I'm hoping they can come to the Sunday @4pm class for a make-up. So, we had a smaller group today. Class started a little late - the humans were busy working on their own socialization (lol). I actually got so side-tracked today (shame on me) that I failed to cover a topic (gasp!). That's ok, since it was merely the introduction to SIT/STAY and we are devoting next week's entire class to STAY. Free-time was a blast today with little Gizmo chasing every dog around and generally being top dog. Did I mention Gizmo is about 4lbs soaking wet? Lilly did better with socializing today, at least at first. Then she got spooked and began to hide. I'm not worried about her though, she will improve. Phoebe and Sophie were not as playful today for some reason but they were otherwise just fine. My "monsters" couldn't wait for class to end so they could get out and say hi. I keep them indoors until free-time so they are not a distraction. All-in-all, it was a very pleasant class. I have to try to remember to take photos at the next class! Meantime, there are plenty of other fun photos on the site -


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