Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Group Class @ Smarty Paws

We were so glad the weather cleared up on Sunday in time for the afternoon class. It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. The class was good, if small. We had one absence and neither of the 2 Saturday absences showed up for a make up. Our hound puppy, Mogli, had no one to play with after class. She tried to play with Brutus, the big loveable Rotty Mix, but he was only interested in Sasha. Unfortunately, Sasha was having none of it but Brutus wouldn't take no for an answer. So it was this crazy kind of doggie menage a trois where everydog was trying to play with somedog else so no dog played with each other. Brutus and Sasha are adults so they know most of their basic obedience already. Their moms just want to work around distractions and give them a chance to socialize. Mogli is just a pup of 5 months so she's a real student and learning very well. All-in-all a nice class and a nice day. Happy Tails!

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